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Webinar: Cybersecurity trends and predictions in 2023

Date: January 18
Time: 09:30 Ecuador

Year after year, Cybersecurity continues to gain relevance and increasingly crosses the business and government sectors. Cyberattacks not only continue to cause major problems globally, but have also become the focus of legislation, news, and business planning, due to some issues that have taken center stage.

  • The rise of hacktivism and the role of hacking in geopolitical conflicts
  • Targeted attacks on specific types of businesses, supply chains, mobile devices, and more.
  • New data privacy laws and regulations
  • Corporate responsibility in the field of Cybersecurity and the offer of cyber insurance

Join a panel of Fortra Cybersecurity experts for a webinar to discuss these trends and the challenges they pose for 2023.

You’ll learn their predictions for the coming year and receive tips to better protect your organization.

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